Match high Quality Air with High Quality Ground

Everyone knows and feels the differences between public and private transportation. We can surely expect fixed airline schedules, old air crafts, mediocre pilots on commercial as opposed to flying private charter. Private charters offer customized flight schedules, the ability to avoid the long miserable security screenings at commercial airports, and avoiding the long check in lines.  However, it becomes even more pleasant when knowing who is our pilot , the pilot’s experience, ordering favorite foods and having a tranquil quiet flight. This is pretty much same for ground transportation as well.
In the ground transportation industry we have public commercial transportation services (taxis, and black car services) and then there exist the private hire chauffeur transportation services. Taxis and black car services are usually available on a fixed work schedules becoming available on a first come first served basis. These services may not work out for someone whose timing constraints are critical. It becomes even more complex when the need for reliable on time- every time, clean precision vehicles, customized timely schedules, and highly competent drivers become necessities. So  most executives and high net worth individuals usually go onto hire their own chauffeurs without realizing that there are some transportation companies that exclusively specialize in private chauffeured transportation services. These exclusive private chauffeured transportation companies own, and operate a fleet of luxury vehicles and hire highly experienced chauffeurs. These high quality chauffeured transportation services are pretty much exclusive in service, in car amenities, and are geared for those whose lifestyles require nothing but high quality ground service experience. These types of high quality executive chauffeured car services are most competent, and qualified to service FBO’s and those who fly private charter. This is why it is critical to match the high superior service on ground for those who fly high quality private.

Never disappoint yourself or your clients by using mediocre public taxis, or public black car services who may show up late for pickups, or may not show up at all. It is even more disappointing when being driven by an inexperienced driver who relies on GPS, and takes bizarre routes that only cause you to be late on important meetings. Anyone choosing to hire a private aircraft have their reasons to fly, however in most cases timing constraints is on the top of the list. For this reason alone, having unreliable, inexperienced public ground transportation service defeats the purpose of timing. When flying private and landing at an FBO, always match the high quality ground service by choosing an exclusive private chauffeured transportation which has a reputation for reliability and superior service. Match the high quality air service with the high quality ground service.

Uber claims to be worth 17billion on a Specu-lend model- not dividend discount!

Uber banksters claim Uber to be valued at17 billion dollars with a specu-lend model.

Uber’s financial backers Goldman Sachs, TPG Capital and partners are claiming that the Uber bubble is valued at 17 billion dollars. How do these banksters come up with these valuations? Do they actually use a dividend discount model or do they use specu-lend model to arrive a 17billion dollar valuations? Let us examine the valuations principles and compare with reality.

We all know that a company’s stock price rises if it’s experiences growth on net profits .This can only happen if the company continues to gain market share by providing riders with very good service at taxi prices. However after examining riders first experiences, reading these rider’s negative reviews and all the the controversy about Uber’s conflicts with insurance, licensing and bypassing regulatory issues, and litigation’s are not convincing that the company has a prosperous future. A company’s valuation is based on monetary growth.

Financial theory says that the value of a stock is worth all of the future cash flows expected to be generated by the firm, discounted by an appropriate risk-adjusted rate. According to the DDM, dividends are the cash flows that are returned to the shareholder. (We’re going to assume you understand the concepts of time value of money and discounting. To value a company using the DDM, you calculate the value of dividend payments that you think a stock will throw-off in the years ahead. Here is what the model says:

P= the price at time 0
r= discount rate

For simplicity’s sake, consider a company with a $1 annual dividend. If you figure the company will pay that dividend indefinitely, you must ask yourself what you are willing to pay for that company. Assume expected return, or, more appropriately in academic parlance, the required rate of return, is 5%. According to the dividend discount model, the company should be worth $20 ($1.00 / .05).

How do we get to the formula above? It’s actually just an application of the formula for a perpetuity:

Now that we have an idea about stock and price valuations. Let’s examine the specu-lend model. Specu-lend model is based on manipulation and speculation. The Uber marketing agents borrow and lend all creative ideas in speculating for hype build up. These speculative agents will bombard hype with fake reviews, creative press releases, and even hire fake actors in speaking highly about their service. In the 1980’s we have seen the fake body building products with fake heads mounted on bodies We have seen those ads with those actors lie outright in our face with claims as “ Guaranteed or your money back”, When examining the highly positively written reviews about Uber on Yelp and other places, they clearly demonstrate self written reviews with promo codes inserted within. Despite their efforts in massively writing positive reviews, the real negative ones counter their overall score and assign Uber a mid 2.5 on a 5.0 point scale. Aside from their reviews, the claims about black car cheaper than taxi is far from reality.

Uber speculating marketing team has been advertising that the UberX service is cheaper than a taxicab by 20% in New York City. These claims are found to be untrue when examining and comparing prices. For example Uber claims to charge $15.00 from Williamsburg Brooklyn to East Village, New York, whereas a taxi costs $16.00. Even if such were to be true, the real savings is only 6.66% -NOT 20%. In addition, the consumers who have been complaining about price gouging are certainly not returning customers.

A company cannot experience growth after losing their customers to price gouging. Some of these price gouges have been 2x, 3x, 4x-up to 10x.. Can a company seriously have double, triple, quadruple digits growth from loss of customers due to price gouge? How long can Uber continue to battle to press warfare? Can a company sustain on lies, speculation? Can Uber’s financial records justify the 17billion valuation?

Uber is not obligated to share its financial information with the public, though leaks of revenue figures and gross receipts have played nicely into its narrative of growth. A leaked document in December, for example, suggested that the company generated gross receipts (the fares paid by customers for rides) of $1.1 billion in 2013, which would translate into revenues of $220 million. If we buy into the assertion made by Travis Kalanick, Uber’s founder and CEO, that the company’s revenue are doubling every six months, updated values for both gross receipts and revenues should be higher. In estimating Uber’s value, I’m going to assume $1.5 billion and $300 million as my base year’s gross receipts and revenues

The question boils down to this, are you seriously growing every 6 months with continued speculation, fake reviews, discontented about poor experiences and price gouging, pending litigation’s, cease desist orders from regulating agencies, and the summons that come along with it?

The Limo Fiasco with Keith Olberman

There seems to be great controversy around keith Olberman being fired form the network, and one issue surrounding this controversy is that he was unhappy with limo service provided by the network. Every article  writes about Olberman as being a difficult shallow man who cannot tolerate the poor common man. These article failed to examine the very problem with these poor and mediocre taxi services which are disguised as “car & limo services”. These writer prefer to attack Keith Olberman by citing that “smelly drivers”, and “drivers who try to speak him”. Well these are legitimate problems and for one to raise and be concerned about such matters does not make oneself conceded. Some of these black car service and taxi drivers are living in their taxi cabs. Think about it for a minute and ask yourself some honest questions?

Can I tolerate a smelly taxi ride, smelly public bus transportation for breakfast on my way to work?

Am I prepared to give a full scale interview to a driver early in morning, when in fact I am attempting to read my emails, or responding to emails and or attempting to make calls?

When I call for a corporate car and limousine service, do I expect a vehicle cleaner than a taxi cab?

How is it possible for a driver to educate me on brain surgery, finance 101 or sports 101 when I am the authority in my field?

How will I get to work or destination safely when I have an idol chatter distracted by conversations while driving?

So we have identified that the writers do a great job in shedding light about problems with some poor black car and taxi drivers but fail to question themselves whether smelly ride and a distracted idol chatter are acceptable. These writers don’t even examine these so called limos. Instead, they take cheap shots by attacking Keith Olberman about being a person difficult to work with. Rather they shall examine these poor and mediocre taxis disguised as limo services.

Before we examine these so called “limo services” qualified to be called luxury or first class corporate car service or limo services. Lets examine the terms “limousine and chauffeur”. What comes to mind when we think the terms limo and chauffeur services? To be nuetral, I refer to the internet and Google the term “limousine and chauffeur”.

After typing the term limousine on Google, I click to wikipedias link to refer to their definition of limousine. “A limousine (or limo) is a luxury sedan or saloon car, one with lenghtnened wheelbase or driven by a chauffeur and a partition between driver and rear passengers.”

So now Googling and clicking on wikipedia, the term chauffeur “ Chauffeur is a person employed to drive a passenger motor vehicle, especially a luxury vehicle such as a large sedan or limousine.”

It appears that the terms “luxury”, “saloon” associate with limousine or chauffeur.

Here are all issues on the list that disqualifies service to be considered luxury, limo, or chauffeur services or even first class.


  1. Driver owned or company owned vehicles that are mechanically poor.
  2. vehicles that have poor body work and unmatched shades of panels
  3. vehicles that are dirty in and out
  4. vehicles interior that shot up and smells like feet
  5. a driver who sleeps, eats in car
  6. a driver who has a poor personal hygiene
  7. a driver who lacks “THE KNOWLEDGE”
  8. a driver who cannot drive smoothly
  9. a driver who lacks etiquettes
  10. improperly dressed driver
  11. the company who has inexperienced staff, dispatch, and management
  12. dispatchers who cannot plan trips diligently
  13. vehicles arriving LATE for pickups
  14. and so much more which that is disqaulified to be termed first class or luxury experience.

Unfortunately, there are companies in New York City who consider themselves limo services with a loose network of driver owned Lincoln Town Cars who offer all of of the above on list of disqualifications and therefore are disqualified to be termed “limo, Luxury, chauffeur” services. Since these companies do not own and operate a fleet of vehicles, they do not even know if the car has been washed. These companies do not test, train, or hire screened qualified drivers. These companies do not even know about their drivers personal hygiene, appearance and dress because there is a rare contact between the company and driver on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. These incompetent comnpanies have inexperienced staff, dispatchers and management whose origins stem from taxi hustles. These so called limo comapanies are good at the street like taxi HUSTLES! The hustle is basically selling on far fetched exaggerations, false promises, and telling consumers “we save you money on limo”.

So the problem is not Keith Olberman, or anyone who is seeking first class car service “limousine service” between work, meetings or busy executive travel. The problem lies within those vendors who mislead us by selling poor products and services on basis of quality.

Come on all of you writers attacking Keith Olberman, try eating canned Chef Boyardee with your family especially after being told that special food prepared by the top chef working at IL MULINO.  Lets not be hypocrites here!

The difference between Executive chauffeured car services and black car services.

The difference between Executive chauffeured car services and black car services.

First let’s start to educate all clients about differences between executive Chauffeured car services and the so called “limo services” known as Black Cars.

While the term chauffeur may refer to anybody who drives for a living, it usually implies a highly experienced driver of an elegant passenger vehicle such as a horse drawn carriage, luxury sedan, motor coach or especially a limousine,those who operate buses or non-passenger vehicles are generally referred to as “drivers”. People currently sometimes employ chauffeurs full-time to drive themselves in their own personal vehicles, yet there are also professional services offering limousines driven by chauffeurs. These professional services can be termed as executive chauffeur car services.

An Executive chauffeured car service is something that is very regulated by either a company or corporation. In an executive chauffeured car service company all the vehicles are owned and insured by the company and all chauffeurs work for that company. This allows said company to exercise control over it’s employees, it’s vehicles and it’s services. An executive chauffeured car service will have new cars; they will be clean and properly maintained both ascetically and mechanically. Their chauffeurs (chauffeurs not drivers) will be experienced with local drive area, navigational skills, properly and uniformly attired (usually in a dark colored suit) Dispatch and reservations will be consistent, organized and professional. This is how a true executive chauffeured car service is typically operated. Now that we explained professional service, we would like to educate clients about the so called limos, aka Black Cars.

Now a black car service on the other hand is a completely different animal. Most black car companies don’t own anythingexcept for a few phone lines, and all of their work is subcontracted to independent drivers who own and operate their own vehicles. The vehicles these gentlemen drive are not regulated nor checked for compliance or proper insurance, they dress however they like, and they do whatever jobs they choose. The call center for the black car company will dispatch as traditional cab services, dispatching on basis of whichever car is available and whoever is willing perform whichever trip they desire. Sounds convenient for the driver, but what about the customer who is getting picked up by god knows who, god knows the vehicle condition and god knows if even being picked up at all? These companies will only inform customers about their potential lateness or inability to pickup 20minutes prior to scheduled pickup time. Most of these companies are unreliable for punctual service, and quality service. In addition their pricing requires in depth examination. The black car company attracts on the basis of low base rates and estimates, however final charges require examination. The trips can with be inflated with additional ride charges. These charges are commonly known as unverifiable waiting time charges, questionable stops. service charges and various other forms of charges. The most bizarre hidden charges are car seats (toddler booster seats), and the meet greet fee. It makes no sense to charge for booster seats and meet greet since the effort of placing booster seats in a car or parking car at airport to make contact with customer inside airport terminal is minimal to none. Now that we have defined the major differences between the professional executive car service and black car service, one can choose what fits ones transportation needs.